San Francisco Network of Mental Health Clients,Inc.

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2940 16th St., Suite B2
San Francisco
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About Us

In response to concerns brought up at a 1984 conference called Consumers/ Survivors Speak!,the SFNHMC was formed as a consumer-run organization dedicated to creating a self-reliant community of mental health consumers. This is done through SFNMHC's two projects, Spiritmenders Community Center and Voices at Bay newsletter. Spiritmenders offers free assistance to disenfranchised consumers in a variety of ways. There are daily snacks, couches to relax on, and Tv to watch. Some of the services available are:free mail, phone, fax and email. There are various groups and classes available, including computer, art, and basic skils.SFNMHC is a membership organization, free to consumers. Voices at Bay is a creative and informational consumer-run resource.