KAIPPG (Kenya AIDS Intervention/Prevention Project Group

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About Us

KAIPPG--Kenya AIDS Intervention/ Prevention Project Group--has locations in the USA and Kenya, where our programs are located. We serve several districts in W. Kenya as a full-service AIDS organization--addressing everything from the needs of AIDS orphans and widows to home-based care for PWAS to a nutrition program to medical treatment--and we also address issues of poverty, malnutrition, lack of education and general healthcare, human rights and environmental sustainability. We have an international branch in the USA, and an online volunteer force of 80 people from 20 countries--obtained through our partners Netaid, Idealist.org, and OneWorld--doing friend-raising and fundraising for our programs. We are members of numerous local, national, regional, and international organizations, and some of our newer programs include use of the arts to address HIV/AIDS education and prevention, and of ICTs for development and HIV/AIDS education. We have received grants from The Elton John Foundation and The Mercury-Phoenix Trust, among others, and we network with like-minded organizations worldwide. Besides the above partners, we work with Mandate the Future, TakingItGlobal, the Global Action Network, the SGAC, and Africamix.