Breathe Georgia

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225 Gold Creek Court
United States

About Us

We are an all-volunteer, physician driven, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is:

To Educate Health Care Providers And The Public About The Appropriate Diagnosis And Treatment Of Childhood Asthma and Food/Insect Allergies.

Through education of providers, allied health care professionals, the public, consumers and their families, educators, coaches and the state government, we aim to reduce the impact of asthma on the patient and family, business community and the medical system.

We believe that through education, we empower parents and the children with asthma to take control of their disease. In doing so, the children will improve their quality of life with full, unrestricted, active participation in all life has to offer. Because of the Breathe Georgia program, we anticipate improved school attendance, fewer missed workdays by parents and improved asthma care at all levels.