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About Us

CIWABA (Computer, Internet and Web Awareness for a Better Africa) is a Cameroon based Non-Profit Organisation with Head Office in Buea, South West Region, and three other offices in Bamenda, Kumba and Douala respectively.

The CIWABA initiative started far back as early 2007. This initiative was given birth to by 5 young Cameroonians who had nothing to propagate it with, but passion to help fellow students and other members of the community gain basic computer knowledge that can help them integrate themselves in the third millennium and catch up with the increasing demand for computer knowledge in communication and information processing and storage.

The init8iative gradually grew into a full fledged orgainisation due to large scale sensitization through the media and continuous support from other organisations, schools, businesses and goodwill members in local communities. CIWABA, after running successfully for two years, finally gained legal status. With acquisition of legal status, many doors have been open to the CIWABA Foundation which has made it easy for her to operate on a wider scope, with greater fulfillment of her mission and objectives.

CIWABA's mission is to increase on computer, internet and web use in developing countries, especially those in Africa. With this mission in mind, CIWABA has the following objectives;

A) To increase computer awareness and intensively promote computer literacy in the local populace through provision of pamphlets, training workshops and creation of computer literacy academies. QwertyClick

B) To encourage and promote publication of information on the World Wide Web. Such information will include scientific and non-scientific articles, essays, journals and research work which can be easily accessible through the internet by a wider range of readers. Pen 2 Net

C) To create interactive and easy to use websites whereby businesses, schools, organisations and other institutions in Africa can be enlisted for exposure, promotion and advertising. CamHooD (Currently just music artists).

D) To facilitate the availability of information on the Afro-Web to end users through a customized search engine that induces all African and Africa related Web sites. AfroWebia

E) To create awareness about various types of online scams by provision of information about procedures implored by scam artists as well as experiences from victims so as to reduce the rate at which people ignorantly fall prey and loose money through online interactions. ScamShooter

CIWABA Has three main tools that enable her function smoothly; sensitization, education and philanthropy.