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About Us

Zera foundation is established with the aim of empowering youths and raising people of influence.Our main focus is to see that the youths are empowered to be worthy leaders of tommorow because the problem of Africa is not social,economic but Africa problem is bad leadership.Our data and research shows as follows:- 1. The major part of the world's population lives in underdevelop nation. 2.1 billion out of 5 billion people lives in under develop nation. 3.Half or more of the adult population of 23 countries mostly in africa are illiterates. 4.Half or more of women in 35 countries mostly in Africa are illiterates. 5.Life expectancy is below 60 years in 45 countries mostly in africa. 6.Children under 5 years die at rates in excess of 100 per 1000 in at least 35 countries mostly in africa. With the aforemention, we realise that there is serious need for us to put values on how to develop our nation and the world at large and one of the ways which we want to use in developing the youths and empowering them to be the worthy leaders of tommorrow is to educate them, sponsor the brainy youths, rehabilitate those who have missed it by abuse of drugs and fund the less priviledge to scholls. We want to build a wealthy nation by impacting values into the lives of our youths.We realise that some of the poorest nation in the world are nations that depends solely on their natural resources for wealth creation. Human resources are the best resources anyone can invest into.The more you invest in natural resources the less it becomes but the more you invest in human beings especially the youths the greater it becomes. This is our vision and the mission we want to accomplish, we believe this is achieveable with the help of organisations that will be willing to fund us and aid us. We know that success is not a destination but a journey that we must keep going. To add growth we raise followers but if we want to multiply growth then we need to raise leaders. The essence os Zera foundation is in rasing good leaders for the global impact.

Zera is a Hebrew word for "seed." Our young people are our seed and the beginning of our future. We must cultivate our future at the beginning of their lives. Our "seed" must be exposed to the best offerings life can provide. A polluted "ZERA" (or seed) can only grow into polluted futures; polluted by what they see and hear. We must guard against the pollutants of our "seed" that rob them of all life's potentials.

We enforce the belief that flowers cannot grow in a garden infested with weeds. We push the belief our seed cannot be any better than their past experiences, yet we have not given them the best we could provide. We teach history instead of pointing to the future. We preach the problem with-out teaching a solution. We give garbage and expect fruit, or we give nothing and expect everything. We teach violence and expect peace. We take away self-esteem and expect pride. We rob them of their childhood and expect men and women. We force survival while we take their lives. We talk of family but we give solitude. We talk about being true to oneself while we give hypocrisy.

It is the purpose of Zera Foundation to go into our communities and help develop the dreams and ambitions of young people; primarily those found in the Foster/Group Home Care system. A primary goal of Zera Foundation is to assist with the character development and educational needs of these young adults. Exposure to professional institutions and affluent individuals will greatly assist with their character building, inspiration and motivation.

Working in cooperation with other foundations, organizations Zera Foundation is vigorously attempting to eradicate the neglect of young adults in foster and group home care. Zera Foundation will network with local and international charitable organizations to create referral systems that assist in the guidance of these young adults. Zera Foundation will provide charities organizations with facts, figures and related information about youths selected to participate in the various programs set up by the Foundation.

Zera Foundation will also promote the education and employment of adult individuals being cut from the welfare roles. The same education and training will be afforded to these otherwise ill-fated adults as will be to the youth, thus generating skilled, educated and marketable individuals into the work force, our communities and society as a whole. Towards this end, Zera Foundation will undertake the following activities:

Investigate and locate quality educational programs. Work closely with school districts and vocational institutions. Allocate public and private funds for the development of high quality training and educational programs. Develop an awareness in local government, the business community, and general public of the value and needs of young adults in the Foster/Group Home Care System. Organize and set up day care facilities and youth centers.

Zera foundation is established with the aim of empowering youths and raising people of influence.Our main focus is to see that the youths are empowered to be worthy leaders of tommorow because the problem of Africa is not social,economic…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Job & Workplace


  • 40,Adeojo Street, Isheri Osun
    Jakande Estate, Lagos
    Lagos, LA 23401

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