LINK-UP Charity Foundation

About Us

Vision Our vision is to have a nation with a just educational, economic and social system that will provide all children, families, and communities a chance to live a life free of poverty.

Mission statement, Children who cannot afford the basic means to survive need protection. They need to be given the opportunity to fulfill their full physical, intellectual and spiritual potential. They need education, nutrition, health care and social support. These children need our help. Supporting children in families within the community helps to revive the aged old African family support system, which is already overstretched by the high number of children who are orphaned or made vulnerable by the death of the bread winner.

We understand that poverty of income and opportunity in childhood are more likely to lead to poverty of experience as a young person and an adult. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds can suffer a range of lasting problems, such as poor educational performance and greater risk of unemployment in later life.

The most sustainable way out of this is for you to sponsor a child (and /or) help a poor family or community out of poverty.

Child sponsorship, micro credit and information communication & technology development programs are at the centre of our agenda.

Goals Our goal is enhance social inclusion by; • Protecting needy children or families from falling into poverty • Providing alternative sustainable routes out of poverty for individuals, families and communities.

U.T. Roland MUSI. CEO/Founder