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I am Stephen Roberts, a Reform Rabbi, and I am running for the New York State SenateDistrict 27 because New York needs leaders who are honest and ethical.  I am a Progressive but Independent voice.  Your vote will send a clear message to Albany that they need to change their ways or get out of my way!  

May 2016 two of the top three New York State elected officials were sentenced to jail for official corruption, including the head of the NY Senate! I was shocked when the 2016 legislative session ended with no real ethics reform. Instead, our elected officials found a way to pass “Fantasy Football” legislation. Real ethics reform, like closing the LLC loophole, as called for by good government groups and major newspaper editorials went unheeded.  

I started looking at the record of my own senator.  What I found appalled me. Since 2012, Brad Hoylman has accepted 58 separate LLC donations with an average donation of over $1,300.  He has accepted LLC donations as large as $16,500.  He has accepted 23 separate LLC donations of $1,000 or more.  

Almost one-third of all the funds he has raised since 2012 are part of the "pay-to-play" and special interest giving that make up Albany's culture of corruption. Plus, his second highest campaign expenditure is giving funds to other politicians! This giving of funds raised by one politician to another is also part of the Albany culture of corruption. 

I have used my Wharton MBA in a range of ways to create change.  While president of one of the major chaplaincy associations, I helped lead the undertaking to create a set of common standards which were passed and implemented.  I created or co-created the three major textbooks that are used in the field of Professional Spiritual and Pastoral Care.  I have been involved in National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters).  I was part of a six-person writing group that created the Points of Consensus – Disaster Spiritual Care, a unique document that a wide range of religions have agreed to use as their starting point when providing disaster spiritual care—from Southern Baptist to The Church of Latter Day Saints to Billy Graham… to Jewish to Islamic to a range of Liberal Protestant Christian to Buddhist.   If I can help create such a document that a wide range of religions can agree upon, I know I can help fight and CHANGE the culture of corruption in Albany.