Students Travel and Exposure South Africa

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About Us

ENJOY DISCOUNT FLIGHT TICKET AND FREE SIGHT SEEING. We work in 15 countries in Africa and we offer very affordable programs. Just what you are looking for. STAESA is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). STAESA works very closely with groups, individual, schools, colleges, universities, communities and NGOs in capacity building, development and sustainability. STAESA has been in existence since 1995. STAESA programs are not just for students -- everyone from the age of 16 turning 17 years to 80 years can participate.

STAESA started working in South Africa. Today STAESA sends over 100 volunteers to more than 60 communities in more than 15 countries in Africa. We also connect over 100 foreign NGOs and individuals, schools, colleges, and universities to programs, events, and community projects in Africa.