GRO - Grass Roots Organizing

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304 E Breckenridge Street
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About Us

GRO-Grass Roots Organizing is a community-based nonprofit celebrating its 13th anniversary this fall. We incorporated Friday, the 13th of October, 2000, and are headquartered in Mexico, a small town in rural Missouri.

Our mission: to create a grassroots voice to win economic justice and human rights for all Missourians.

Our consumer-driven, grassroots group with dues-paying members and additional allies organized to give tools and leadership opportunities for our families challenged by oppressive conditions to:

Reform the way the status quo and powers-that-be conduct business;

Establish a powerful civic force and community values agenda around Health Care, Worker’s Rights, Utilities, Housing Reforms, and more that impact decisions at the local, state and national levels;

Amplify voices, engage disenfranchised and new voters, and organize a collective presence within our communities; and

Let REAL poverty experts, those directly impacted by social-economic policies, laws, unfair practices who live in poverty, take their rightful place at the table to offer REAL solutions.

GRO-Grass Roots Organizing is membership-driven. GRO Leaders identify and work on issues that affect them as well as determine the direction and focus of our work. We have clearly defined outcomes for our efforts.

GRO is a proud member of the National People’s Action network.