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Background Nhaka Afrikan worldview started in 2005 in Mutasa District of Manicaland Province. On 1 May 2005 the pioneers established the first nutritional garden using space from the Muchadya Dzere family garden. The orphans were involved in the process and benefited from the production and also gained survival skills.

In 2006 the organization spread its activities in Ndorikanda Village in Ward 24. Since then Nhaka Afrikan Worldview has managed to extend its activities to thirteen out of nineteen villages in Ward 24 and 1 village in Ward 16 and this bring a total of 14 villages NAW is currently operating in.

In 2010 Nhaka Afrikan Worldview did activities in the following headlines: 1. HIV / AIDS Programs 2. Nutrition Gardens 3. Youth Programs 4. Environment and Conversation 5. Orphans and Vulnerable Children 6. Sports and Cultural Programs 7. Volunteer program

Below is a summary of what was carried out in each of the lines above.

HIV AIDS Programs Under this program we have done outreach awareness campaigns were carried out in 3 secondary schools and educated the young people in these schools. Young people trained in art related to HIV / AIDs carried out condom demonstrations in the 11 villages we operate in. Under this Art program funded by USAID the young people were active in the community and managed to mobilize one another as peers to go for voluntary counseling and testing and also referred the community they mobilized for HIV testing at the Zongoro Clinic - Manica Bridge Township. Health issues were discussed and this strengthened the knowledge levels of the community in understanding HIV/AIDS and how to fight this pandemic. Campaigns to make sure people live positively were carried out.

Nutrition Gardens

Nhaka Afrikan Worldview continued with its demonstration garden at Mundenda School where members of the community come and learn new things. For example the fertility trenches proved to be a good method to use when growing crops and vegetables. Compost making lessons were given to the people and now all this is spread in the community. In 2009 the following crops were grown in the demonstration garden: Cassava, round nuts, ground nuts, sweet potatoes (brondal variety), rapoko (small grain), a variety of vegetables and herbs.

From the knowledge gained from the demonstration garden the community have established new gardens or strengthened the existing ones. The 25 treadle pumps have continued to help in securing water for the gardens. The pumps are distributed to cater for 3 families per pump. Challenges were faced in the maintenance as some of the parts are hard to get. The Friends from Canada have raised funds which we used to buy and distribute seeds and fertilizer. This was distributed in the farming season of 2008 – 2009. In the same season sweet potato cuttings were distributed among the community. This has improved the nutrition levels in the families of those using the crop. Orphans have also benefitted.

Youth Programs The aims of the program include the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS pandemic, drug abuse, addiction to alcohol and crime rate. Unemployment is very high in the area and therefore hardships and challenges confront the youths. The youths then find ways to survive and some of the time they get engaged in the activities that impact their lives negatively. Thefts for livestock have been on the increase but by engaging the youths it has meant something for them and the community in general. To this end, 40 youths under the outreach program of Harare Polytechnic trained in the following skills: Building, carpentry, electric wiring, plumbing and painting. Later some of the youths were also involved in the Arts Program that focused on the fight against the spread of HIV / AIDS. The youths were also heavily involved in the sports and cultural activities. All this occupy their time positively.

Environment and Conservation Nhaka Afrikan Worldview boasts to have managed establishing 2small / porch dams. These have managed to supply communities in Ndorikanda and Chakambeni villages with water for domestic use and for the animals. Besides, beauty has been added to the area and economic activities have started like brick moulding, .

People actively participated in the process of construction of the 2 water points. Other activities were: • Tree planting • Establishing Firewood saving stoves • Gulley Reclamation actions • Contour ridges repairs

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Nhaka Afrikan Worldviview’s orphan and vulnerable children program was started in 2005 with few orphans in Ndorikanda village in ward 24, Mutasa South of Manicaland. Nhaka worked together with local traditional leadership, schools management and the local government authority in order to obtain true information about children in need of assistance. This helped avoiding orphans from benefiting from two scholarships at once. Elaine Jaltema a teacher in Canada has spearheaded fundraising for orphans. About the funds she writes: “It was raised by my school, Clinton Elementary in Burnaby, under the leadership of an inspired and inspiring group of grade 7 students.” The children at Clinton Elementary School deserve great thanks for their light hearts for thinking about and taking action to do good for other people far away from their own community. This is a gesture that resembles from Children to Children care and relationships.

Other Achievements: • 150kgs of clothes were distributed to vulnerable children, disabled people and the old age. The distribution of these clothes took place at Mundenda Primary school. • Paid school fees for 42 orphans • Distributed stationery to the 42 orphans • Distributed nutrition food to selected orphans and vulnerable people • Conducted after school programs • Distributed maize seed, soy seed, fertilizer and food • Distributed sweet potato cuttings

Sports and Cultural Programs The Sports and culture program has significantly increased its activities. NAW networks with institutions and through this participated in the following events: • Africa University Netball Gala where we came first out of 8 teams from the province • Governors Trophy where the netball team came second out of 14 teams from the province • Mutare Harlem where the netball team came third (3rd) out of 17 teams from different parts of the country • Division One Competitions where the team came top of the league in the province.

In culture we have involved our youths in art under the theme “Culture at Cross Roads” and for one month there was an exhibition at the Public Affairs Department of USA Embassy.

The old aged always help the orphans and vulnerable children in passing on good heritage practices through storytelling, teachings about tradition and traditional practices that fight HIV and AIDS, and more

Volunteer Program Both national and international volunteers participated in the program each category in their own ways. Please contact us to learn how you can help and be involved !

Background Nhaka Afrikan worldview started in 2005 in Mutasa District of Manicaland Province. On 1 May 2005 the pioneers established the first nutritional garden using space from the Muchadya Dzere family garden. The orphans were…


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