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About Us

HUHESO-FOUNDATION is committed in supporting Vulnerable and marginalized group especially most Vulnerable Children (Orphan) Adolescent, woman, Widows, people living with HIV/AIDS and disabled people (special need) to restore the dignity of the marginalized groups whom some of them have under gone torture, humiliation, harassment and eviction so as to enable them pursue and realize their personal rights and development opportunities. Tanzania just like many societies worldwide has witnessed human rights abused. In this Particular case; Children, Youth and Women. The abuse of Children, Youth and women in our society are through domestic violence, assault, eviction and child abuse (including child labour, defilement, female genital mutilation and forced adolescent marriages) the barbaric acts are escalating at alarming rate and the situation is worse where it found that the victim is HIV+.

The aim of The Foundation for Human Health Society Infected/Affected by AIDS is to empower the ability of marginalized and vulnerable groups in responding effectively to HIV/AIDS improve their quality of life and facilitate to sustainable behavioral change.