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About Us

Hello Volunteer,

Nice writing to you from Life and Water Development Group - Cameroon. I would like to introduce our NGO to you and our volunteer opportunities. You can visit our website at: We are also working with some orphanages, one is in Kumbo under the care of Shisong General Hospital and we are looking for volunteers to work with these children. They are about 30 orphanages between the ages of 0-15, there is a set of triple twins there and twins (2). We also have volunteer opportunities in different fields, health, community development, women and development, youths, underprivileged children, water improvement, photography, audio-visual (film documentaries) etc... We are currently making decisions for the placements of our volunteers for the periods of November 2007 – September 2008. If you could reply to us and let us know if you are interested in volunteering with us, we would be very grateful about it. You can download our volunteer application form from the following link at the end of the page: fill it and return it to us by e-mail with your CV and picture. Below you'll find the requirements to volunteer in our NGO in Cameroon. Requirements: Cameroon requires the following documentation prior to any health professional volunteering: - You must obtain a visa from the Cameroonian consulate/embassy in your country prior to approval. Apply early. - Other Citizens check country guidelines - Cameroon is a bilingual Country of English and French languages Visas: Volunteers bear the cost of their own visa. LWDGC will assist those volunteers who need assistance like a letter of invitation. Visas can be obtained in your home country from the Cameroonian Embassy. You will apply for your visa depending on how long you will like to stay in Cameroon, and the visa will be issued with the duration period of your choice. Fees: All volunteers are responsible for their flights and personal expenses. Each volunteer will pay the volunteer fee of $500/month/volunteer to be broken as follows: a. $60 – Housing at a host family (One week/volunteer) x 4 = $240 b. $50 – Meals (One week/volunteer) x 4 = 200 c. $60 – transportation airport-program site-airport/volunteer x 1 = $60 d. $200 – Support the organization or with any office equipment/tool/material ooptional) Waiting to read from you, Peter Njodzeka Founding President Life & Water Development Group - Cameroon Tel.: +237 77 71 62 88 E-mail: