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About Us

"May all be happy, may all be without disease, may all have well being and none be in misery of any sort" A Vedic Prayer

We are a small organisation of To work for the people who need best attention from all but get the least.

All the members of SUN believe, quite simply, that this prayer reflects the human birth-right and they are taking steps to help the poorer members of the Indian community to ameliorate their lot in life.

We are a small but highly focused group with low overheads and involved in innovative work. We have a remarkable and qualified team of experts belonging to different technical fields. The team of SUN comprises learned members from the academic and technical fields, after serving in high office in the past, now retired and placed together to offer their services, knowledge and rich experience for the betterment of the nation, while others will be resourced from the project perspective and project demand.

We belong to the most populous, backward and Hindi speaking state of India hence better placed and more capable of understanding and serving the real needs of our community at grass roots level.

Our mission is to work for income generation; including low-cost rural home lighting, Cooking, Low-cost housing, Education, Sanitation, Child and women health issues and interested in networking with social welfare organizations NGOs or worldwide.

We are 8 years old and have worked self funded basis till now. We are looking for finances to attain our goals.

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