North Texas for Justice and Peace

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About Us

NORTH TEXAS FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE is a coalition of groups formed after the attacks of September 11, 2001, and affiliated with Peace Action Texas. We are dedicated to the following propositions:

1. Terrorism can be stopped by non-military just means; and there are alternatives to war. 2. This nation was founded on a basis of civil liberties, which are enumerated in the first ten amendments to its Constitution. We hold these liberties to be of inestimable worth. 3. Each person is of immeasurable worth.

In order to defend and bolster these positions, we endeavor to:

1. Educate others about our views and our reasons for holding them. 2. Promote open communication and compromise as viable alternatives to violent conflict. 3. Inform people about the actions of government or others, which may have either a beneficial or a detrimental effect on our civil liberties. 4. Influence government and others who influence or change policies or laws. 5. Promote communication between diverse people, so that they see how insignificant their differences are, and how sharing their differences can enrich the lives of all involved. 6. Communicate and collaborate with other local, national, and international organizations, who hold the same convictions and goals that we do. Some local groups we work with are the Dallas Peace Center, the Crawford Peace House, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, the Coalition for the Advancement of Civil Rights, and Peace Action Texas.