For The Children

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About Us

For The Children is a non profit organization based in Santa Cruz, CA. We endeavor to uphold the tenet of basic human rights for all children-everywhere. We contribute to grass roots efforts that are enhancing opportunities for marginalized children in various diverse communities and countries. FTC has found through working along side grass roots groups that we can assist their efforts in addressing the educational, medical, nutritional and various other needs of the children. Our approach is open, multi tiered and tailored to the needs of the individual projects.

The unprecedented numbers of children finding themselves without parents and in dire circumstances due to diseases, poverty, civil strife, throughout the world is growing exponentially. We at FTC see the beautiful potential within these children and recognize the possibilities for renewal for their young lives.

We recognize all children as unique and valuable human beings regardless of their race, sex, or economic-social status or disabilities. We know that among these beautiful children are unique and individual souls who have within their gifts the capabilities to gather the many children around them and direct a kind of advocacy that helps the many lost children to renew their strength, their abilities and their directions in life. Each of them walks with the intention of the lost ones around them and the direction to bring them home. We at FTC are dedicated to the service of these Indigo children, their awakening and service to the larger community of children world wide.

We achieve our goals by various means of communication through our website, networking, fund raising, and shipments of direct aid, sponsorships and on site participation. We offer our website to the children we serve as a platform for shared resources as well as a vehicle for their communication to the world.

We invite participation from all those who feel so inspired and wish to further this cause on behalf of the children of the world.