Agape Education Centre


P. O. Box 1137


About Us

Agape Education Centre is a Christian non-profit-making organization operating within the areas of Sembabule District. The centre takes in homeless, often starved children, and offers these orphaned and destitute children the opportunity of education and a meaningful future. The centre was started in order to provide a favorable atmosphere for the orphans and destitute children to learn and excel academically and spiritually, as well as to establish an integrated educational institution that will provide formal education, specific training for life skills and tertiary skills training (e.g. typing, tailoring, carpentry, computer courses, etc) for the orphans in Agape.

To have a NEW HIV/AIDS-free generation: hopeful, growing, resourceful and God fearing leaders of a developing nation.

To transform communities and restore destinies by creating and giving hope to the hopeless