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Marc Morgan has worked for years in the non-profit sector, raising money and awareness for issues such as HIV/AIDS, animal welfare and the environment.

Morgan began his career shortly after college by working in political fundraising and events planning. After a few successful years with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Morgan became actively involved in political funding, and was the Finance Director for the Maryland Republican Party. He is credited with overseeing the Party’s fundraising efforts in a year that saw the Party raise over $1 million to be used for various candidates and a successful “get-out-to-vote” effort.

After the 2002 elections, Morgan was placed with the Maryland Environmental Services, a state agency working to protect the states air, land and water resources. In Morgan’s role was unique. He was responsible for leveraging corporate, foundation and federal funding to support and sustain many of the programs and services operated by the agency; thus allowing smaller municipalities to have upgraded systems and technology without raising taxes.

In addition to his work to support and protect the environment, Morgan has also worked in the HIV/AIDS community. As their chief fundraiser, he promoted and secured funding for HIV/AIDS services that provided measurable reductions in new infection rates. His work was primarily based around communities of color, and people living with HIV/AIDS. Understanding how the myths and stigmas of HIV affect low-income communities, he worked with local and state agencies, corporations and foundations to identify resources and out-reach strategies that promoted prevention in some the most highly affected communities.

Marc Morgan comes from a family rich in US History, steaming to his families connection to the Buffalo Soldiers (the first peacetime all-black regiment to the US Army); and his direct descendant of Garret A. Morgan (inventor of the stop light, gas mask and fire suit).

Marc is a very active member of the D.C. community, volunteering his time and energy for several community-based organizations, and is very active in local politics.