Livable Places

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Los Angeles

United States

About Us

Livable Places advances affordable vibrant healthy Southern California communities through advocacy, innovation, and building.

A healthy community is one with:

Enough affordable homes for our growing population and workforce; Viable transportation alternatives to driving alone; A variety of home types and prices in the same neighborhood; Homes, work places and commercial buildings compactly built near light rail and major bus lines; Streets that are pedestrian and bicycle friendly; Parks and plazas and other public gathering places in every neighborhood; Public and private investment in urban neighborhoods; Public participation in planning for growth. In real estate developments, Livable Places strives to:

Create community; Offer affordable housing to people at a variety of income levels;Use green building practices to create healthy homes; Increase the opportunities for homeownership in established neighborhoods near efficient public transit; Use high quality design, and Reach out to the neighborhood residents.