Twatonta Women Organisation

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About Us

PRE-AMBLE: Convinced and inspired by the Liberalized Policies set to promote and empower Women Socially and economically, Localy and internationaly.

TWATONTA MEANS: Enough is Enough!! "Women realize to empower themselves through economical projects by working together,"

STATUS: Is a Registered Not-for Profit Organisation as detailed in the Zambian Laws.

OVERALL OBJECTIVE: To facilitate the empowerment of Women and communities in developmental and economical activities in order to improve their Livelihood.

T.W.O: Will work and achieve it's set goals through the objectives mentioned below; 1) to create a network among Women in rural areas of Zambia and Abroad. 2) to work in partnership with other National and International organisation, public sectors institutions to empower Women & Communities. 3) to care for Women in prison with their Babies/Children, formulating strategic recreation projects for orphans and vulnarable Children in rural areas. 4) by volunteer placement who wil be coming from all over the world to help Women & communities with defferent activities. And we welcome individuals, students, families, researchers, groups, colleges churches, associations etc. Our programs are flexible and volunteers can arrive and depart on any day all year round. 5) to suplement goverment's efforts in boasting the economy through the involvement of women in developmental activities & business initiatives. 6) through fundraising, donations, grants etc.

Just to mention a few.