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About Us

Our mission : to improve the conditions of children living in difficult circumtances in the world through advocacy, research, training, publication, creation of educational materials and projects especially in the area of education.

FORGOTTEN CHILDREN works with individuals and local organizations involved in educational activities and advocacy to improve the life of forgotten children.We are currently implementing several projects in Tamil Nadu,India. We are working in collaboration with three parters: AWARD in Palani, Nirvana School in Pondicherry and Palni Hills Conservatory Council.

With Nirvana School we offer high school scholarships. This project is locally monitored by Mrs SaMani, founder and hedmistress

With Award we grant small loans to poor women, poor widows and poor farmers. We also bring support to a little tribal school. We offer one college scholarship to a poor high school student. This project is locally monitored by Mr,. Felix Francis, director of AWARD.

With Palni Hills Conservatory Council, we support a butterfly garden to teach childrenform the local public schools about the environment. The project is locally monitored by Mr. Kannan.

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