That Takes Ovaries!


United States

About Us

We are a nonprofit women's and girls' organization, under the fiscal umbrella of another nonprofit dedicated to arts and education.

THAT TAKES OVARIES!: BOLD FEMALES AND THEIR BRAZEN ACTS (Three Rivers/ Random House 2002; and to be published in China in 2004) is an exciting new collection of real life stories from women and girls about the bold, gutsy, brazen, outrageous, audacious, courageous, in- your-face things they have done. The book is jam-packed with 64 multi-culti, short, fun, sassy, touching true tales of estrogen- powered deeds and is coupled with a grassroots movement for women's and girls' empowerment.

In the past 1.5 years there have been 85 That Takes Ovaries! open mikes, readings and dramatizations held around the U.S. -- and now India and Africa, too -- organized locally by women in the community. At an Ovaries! open mike, women and girls share stories about times they acted courageously and boldly, or they tell about a woman they know who acted strong and sassy. Men and boys also proudly share stories about the women in their lives. Everyone who shares a story gets a chocolate egg wrapped in gold foil: a Golden Ovary award. Many events are fundraisers for girls' groups and groups working to end human rights abuses against girls. The beauty of this book and movement is that anyone interested in organizing a That Takes Ovaries! Open Mike in their own area can find the guidelines on how to do it in the back of the book or on the website, or they can contact the book editor Rivka

The book and the events surrounding it have gotten a good deal of regional and national press in the U.S., including Glamour, Jane and Playgirl magazines, the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Detroit Free Press and NY Daily News. We were also a Boston Globe bestseller. And now we are getting a good deal of press in India, where our movement is fast growing. Lastly, we have the Ovaries! play and we need to get the word out to theaters.

For more info on the book and the growing grassroots open mike movement, and the play, see