Fundacion S.O.M.O.S

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About Us

Fundacion S.O.M.O.S is a Non Profit Organization registered with the Secretary of State. The higher purpose of Fundacion S.O.M.O.S is to help people improve the quality of their lives. We believe an Organization, with both its human resources and your financial resources, should make the world a better place. We believe that with the power of success comes the privilege of Caring, Helping, Building, Sharing, Strengthening, Healing, Teaching and most importantly, the privilege of touching lives. We believe in the power and passion of our Committees, who bring not only their diverse talents to our Organization, but also their tireless energy and commitment to our community activities as volunteers. We believe as part of our global commitment to our community and their families, our international outreach program must focus on the three most critical areas of Education, Health and Immigrant Resources. To do so will help people improve the quality of their lives throughout the world. We believe all great ideas begin with "What If..." Fundacion S.O.M.O.S is proud to bring many great ideas to fruition. With our programs we can.

Fundacion S.O.M.O.S Programs: Environmental Protection. Youth Issues and Juvenile Programs. International Affairs and Human Rights Social, Educational and Cultural Events. English as A Second Language Program. Housing/Food for homeless.