Spread the Dough

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About Us

Spread the Dough is a group of young people that pick up the day-old bread from local bakeries and deliver it to surround homeless shelters, soup kitchens, churches, and members of the community who are financially burdened. In three years we have saved well over 30,000 baked goods...thats $180,000 worth! We also have chapters in NH, CT, VA and are trying to open in TX and India. We are seeking help! We need more bakeries, more volunteers, and above all assistance in becoming a 501c3. I hope to have a chapter of Spread the Dough in every state and have saved 300,000 baked goods within the next 5 years. In the long run, I envision the homeless picking up the bread themselves, through vans bought with grant money and in-kind city transportation passes. The homeless would be guaranteed a bed for a week in the shelter provided they deliver bread 3 times each week. We have received a $1000 grant from Youth Venture and hope to use the money to further expand our efforts. If you are willing to step outside of yourself for the betterment of mankind, please become a part of the endless service opportunities made available through Spread the Dough.