Bangladesh Development Partnership Centre (BDPC)

About Us

BDPC's mission is to strengthen institutional capacity and sustainability of development agencies in Bangladesh through promotion of civil societies, development of non-profit boards, network building, training, information sharing, research, action research, and technical assistance.

Under the broad mission, BDPC's specific mission is to strengthen human rights in general and women's and children's rights in particular. At the same time BDPC is committed to socio-economic development, ethnic harmony, environmental promotion and disaster reduction.


BDPC intends to Bring about change in the social and economic life of the underprivileged sections of the society in general, and children & women in particular, by promoting self-help approach and building capacities. Promote human rights in general and children's and women's rights in particular through research, advocacy and networking programs; promote legal reforms in line with human rights and socio-development


BDPC is a national level non-government and non-profit organization based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. BDPC was established in 1991 by a group of researchers, academics, social and development workers, development trainers and business persons. BDPC is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh (Ren. No. 946/95, renewed up to 2005).

BDPC is run by a professional team of 50+ regular staff headed by its Director. The executive management is supervised by a seven member Executive Committee (EC) elected every three year by a 31 member General Body (GB).

BDPC Accounts are audited by a qualified chartered accountant firm every year.

So far, BDPC has rceived funding from the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka, USAID/Pact Inc., Caritas Bangladesh, MISEREOR Germany, Oxfam Novib, The Commonwealth Foundation, Save the Children Fund (UK), and the Department of Non-formal Education of the Government of Bangladesh.

BDPC's on-going projects are: 1. Human Rights Promotion and Trafficking Awareness Project; 2. Campaign for Non-violence and Peace Culture Project, 3. Flood Response Project 2007; 4. Relief and Rehabilitation Project for the Victims of Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh, 5. Vocational and Skill Development Training for Underprivileged Young Adults through BDPC Computer Training Institute; 6. Early Childhood Education Project, 7. Campaign for the Rights of Minorities.

BDPC has membership with a number of national and international NGO/CSO networks. To mention a few international networks which BDPC has membership with are 1. Coalition to Stop the use of Child Soldiers, London UK; 2. Civicus - World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Washington D.C., USA; 3. International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), London, UK; and 4. Child rights Information Network (CRIN), London, UK.

BDPC works closely with OMCT, Geneva; AHRC, Hongkong, and ACPP, Hongkong, in the field of campaign against human rights violation, torture and abuse.