Dreamcatchers Foundation in Bombay, India


601 "Kumud" 15th Road Khar
Bombay 400 052

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About Us

To find meaning in life is the central need, a most complex endeavor and a hard-earned achievement for any young person. Young people require opportunities for exploration of their own worldview, discovery of their own place in the world and the recognition of their own possibilities in their life. Dreamcatcher is committed to working with adolescents and young people to create innovative learning resources that empower them in these endeavors. It will also work with youth workers to create ground-breaking approaches that respond to the needs of young people. Further, it seeks to create a new area of work with young people where a young people's search for meaning in life is considered equally crucial to his/her human development as the fulfillment of food, clothing, shelter and education and would find support in terms of established practice.