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Building and Construction Research Center (BCRC)

About BCRC Building and Construction Research Center (BCRC) Is a Non Governmental Non-profit organization, established for the purpose of 'improving the living conditions of the underprivileged by transforming their natural and built environment and by provision of building techniques including promoting the interests and general advancement of the building and construction environment as a whole to participate in a sustainable economical development processes in Palestine’

The center's area of specialization and involvement: • Humanitarian Aid • Policy development • Environment/Ecology • Water • Income generation/Poverty reduction • Disaster mitigation • Gender issues/Women / Youth • Community participation / organization • Shelter / Construction / Building materials • Public services and infrastructure • Land / Security of tenure • Housing rights • preservation of cultural heritage • Health • Education

Mission Our mission is to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged by transforming their natural and built environment and by provision of building techniques depending on experienced professionals to participate in the sustainable economical development processes in Palestine'.

Objectives & Goals The BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION RESEARCH CENTER (BCRC) is a center concerned with improving life conditions through undertaking environmental, economic and cultural projects at the community level, in order to participate in a sustainable economical development processes in Palestine. The Objectives and Goals of the BCRC are as follows: • Improve the life quality in the Palestinian Society by assisting enabling impoverished families to have safe, economic and healthy houses and other needs such as water and sewage systems, and by participate in rebuilding the demolished infrastructure, buildings, and private property, also by participate in the preservation of Cultural Heritage and Land Development. • Promote justice peace by creating the conditions in which unity emerges as the natural state of human existence, giving priority to human rights, prosperity and moral development. • Ensure scientific cooperation at the international level among researchers and specialists and to enable dynamic social and cultural changes in contemporary societies. • Facilitates capacity building and Increase public awareness in order to enhance environmental management and to influence accelerated development through holding training programs and conducting research and studies. • Provide all available services in terms of technical, economical, environmental, organizational and other aspects of building and construction environment during their life cycle, and executes research in housing, urbanization and settlement issues, undertakes interchange of information and facilitates communication among residents, experts and politicians.

Activities • Executing different projects which participate in improving the quality of life for Palestinian people specially the poor and underprivileged. • Offering a range of specialist technical services to cultivate an awareness of environmental and construction technology, to address the economic, technical and environmental needs of the underprivileged. • Providing education and training in the field of water, environment and construction technology. • Issuing comprehensive information on the construction industry through our library publications and statistical services. • Establishing a comprehensive database for the construction sector in Palestine. • Influencing, through collective action, the total volume of high standard measurements in construction and environmental technology and maintenance activity in selected priority sectors. • Conducting researches and studies in the areas of building and constr