Boarding High School for Orphans and Helpless Youths(BHSOH)

  • Maesot

About Us

After crack down by military regime, on people demand peacefully, to change from Military dictatorship to parliamentary democratic administration, in Burma in 1988, Hundreds of thousands of innocent peaceful demonstrators were killed and wounded, by BSPP, military, regime’s troops. The activists, from all walks of the life, left from Burma to neighboring nations such as Thailand, India and China, Among them, the experienced educators from Burma, established a mobile middle school with 160 students including 15 boarding orphans from various ethnic back grounds, in the dense jungle, regarding to internally Displaced peoples (IDP), from 1993 to early 1999. Due to ethnic cleansing and scorched – earth policy on the IDPs by military regime’s troops.

This being the case, this school, was moved from Thai – Burma border area into Thailand, located on Mae Pa village Mae Sot, Tak province, in late 1999, with the assistance from open society institute (OSI). Our school was upgraded from secondary to high level in 2001. After 2003, OSI stopped their supports to migrant schools in Thailand, since then, our school has being survived, with the individuals’ donation, facing various difficulties and hardships.