Bronx Comprehensive Care Initiative

  • NY


1870 Pelham Parkway
United States

About Us

The Bronx Comprehensive Care Initiative is a brand new non- profit organization dedicated to eliminating the health disparities among minorities in the Bronx, NY. The mortality rates due to preventable and treatable diseases, such as breast cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are exceptionally high in the minority communities of the Bronx. By devevloping a new health facility at 1870 Pelham Parkway, the physicians in BCCI plan on providing specialty, private practice style health care to the underserved, and oftentimes uninsured residents of the Bronx. Unlike the generic, hospital- owned clinics around the Bronx, the physicians in BCCI aim to provide culturally sensitive, specialized medical care. Rather than one general practicioner attempting to serve an extremely large and increasingly unhealthy population, we are a group of 10, minority, Board Certified physicians with a number of specialties- from breast cancer to gastric bypass to pulmonology. We plan on providing the Bronx with the medical care that they usually cannot access due to linguistic, cultural, and/or economic barriers.