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Desteens Volunteering Services (DVS) was established in 2001, based at Nairobi, Kenya registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO). Not for profit, non-government Organization, with the aim to make volunteering known to people young and old in my country. We make volunteering readily available to people who are seeking to assist others and to learn from their volunteer experiences, related to social service or Sports in our Kirinyaga Sports Foundation.

The DVS prime objectives are (a) to promote volunteerism in our country (b) to identify volunteer placements to suit both volunteers and our organization or local institution or the community based organizations (CBOs) that need participating volunteers for the successful operation of their projects; and (c) to provided volunteers experience at a minimal cost and to all concerned.

DVS has 3 person Board with a Managing Director. At this stage all staffs volunteer to manage the office. Managing Director operate the Nairobi Office which provides support for participating volunteers.

DVS organizes individual volunteer placements and group placements set up in our local programs to suit the local and overseas volunteers. Whenever possible, the placements are available in any month of the year. We run short and long term placements which runs for 3 weeks – 1yr, but under certain circumstances or in the case of special individual volunteer placements the time can be extended to the limits of the volunteer’s visa.

What started in 2001 with Robert Sadler followed by Chloe Hinton the first volunteers from UK, has now developed to over 85 volunteers now participating each year. The year 2004, we placed an advert on the UN website about the YOUTH WORK CAMP and was very successful with very many youth from all over the world attended. The funding of all DVS activities is covered by a contribution received from the participating volunteers. There is no charge made to the local CBOs or institutions for providing volunteers to assist their activities.

No volunteer receives any financial return for their participation, and in some instances where a volunteers’ placement is in rural area (up-country) and the host is unable to provide more than the accommodation, then the participating volunteers have to contribute or provide their own food (this is rare). All their travel and even locally plus insurance costs are borne by the volunteer.

These factors make DVS volunteering a DVS volunteer to be unique. By careful planning and operating, DVS is able to convince the local youth and people the value of volunteering, which is not commonly practiced in our country. Hopefully, one day there will be many participants.

DVS has a simple philosophy. Volunteering can be personally enjoyable, rewarding and productive. DVS sets out to make it possible for anybody to be attracted and then to assist our poor people voluntarily, efficiently and creatively for the mutual benefit of our people.

Therefore foreign volunteers coming to our country sets a good example to our youth. Volunteerism in our country is not very common.

DVS briefs that participation is of value to us, as activities should be of educational interest to the volunteer.

“Dedicate your service to Kenyan Teen and community

Volunteer to set good value to them

Involve them so as they can understand it”

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