Hatualikoni Development

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About Us

HatuaLikoni Development is a youth led community development organization comprised of artistes working to create new opportunities and long term, self-sustaining solutions to the challenges we face in Likoni, Kenya. Our mission is to empower Likoni’s vulnerable children and youth to achieve their goals so they become able to provide for themselves and help uplift our community. We aim to achieve this mission by increasing access to basic needs, education, mentoring, youth outreach events, job opportunities and micro-finance loans for youth and families throughout Likoni.

Our organization is comprised of Twaayf Children’s Development Center, a home for 20 orphaned and abandoned children, Madaraka Community School educating 170 less privileged children, and Holykraft Entertainment, a recording and performing group comprised of youth founders and the children from Twaayf.

Total War Against AIDS Youth Foundation, Twaayf, was founded by Martin and Dennis, two brothers who were homeless as children and now dedicate themselves to helping other children avoid the streets. The Children's Center is home to 20 abandoned or orphaned children, and provides these children with their basic needs, a loving and nurturing home, as well as education, insuring that each child has the opportunity to develop into an independent and successful adult.

Madaraka Community School provides early childhood education to children in Likoni regardless of their ability to pay fees. Through our Child-Help-Child program, economically able families subsidise the education of those facing economic challenges, giving all children equal opportunity to attend nursery and primary school. This program enables orphans and children of single parents to attend Madaraka for free. In 2011 Madaraka is educating and providing a cup of nutritious porridge and lunch to 170 children while their guardians contribute little to supplement their feeding but education is free to all. The initiative was founded by Twaayf founders as a means of providing education to the children at Twaayf due to lack of free nursery education in Kenya.

Holykraft Entertainment Group is a recording and performing musical group that is comprised of children and founder youths of Twaayf. The group specialises on Gospel and secular music for community change. This group performs in outreach & awareness events, fundraising concerts to support the programs. It has so far recorded 3 albums and this year focused on doing videos for further marketing and publicity. Through music and arts we encourage the children to expose their talents and skills to be responsible citizens and use this opportunity to give back to our community.