Artists for a New South Africa

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About Us

Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA) is a nonprofit organization working in the U.S. And Africa to combat HIV/AIDS, advance human rights, safeguard voting rights, and assist and empower AIDS orphans and at-risk youth.

ANSA makes a substantial difference by developing innovative, collaborative programs; providing grants and resources to effective frontline organizations; and raising public awareness and mobilizing action through media campaigns, advocacy, and the arts. Founded in 1989 to support South Africa's quest for freedom and democracy, ANSA has:

  • Raised more than $9 million for effective African programs
  • Shipped over 70 tons of medical supplies and books to impoverished communities
  • Educated millions across the U.S. and Africa about HIV/AIDS and voting rights

ANSA's founders, board members, advisors, and core supporters include noted artists, activists, experts, Nobel Peace Prize recipients, philanthropists, entertainment industry professionals, students, and committed donors and volunteers from all walks of life. ANSA harnesses the unique talents, resources, expertise, and influence of all its diverse supporters and partners to have strategic impact. We invite you to join us.