Child Relief Integrated Social Action (CRISA)

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About Us

CRISA IS child focused Organization. It works with the marginalized children and women with in the family and community by addressing their needs in the areas of Education, Health, habitat and livelyhood and Poverty Reduction.CRISA focuses on the rights of under privileged Children, Street Children, the Girl Child, Children bonded in Labour, Children of Commercial Sex Workers, Prostituted Children, HIV/AIDS infected children and Cancer awareness programs and early detection. Our Vision is Child Centered Development Process.

At present we are working with the children affected by Aids. We want to provide Care and support to them and to their parents.

More than half the new infections in the world are among people of 15-24 years of age. Among them, women face the highest risk. In addition, younger girls are increasingly being forced into sexual relations and prostitution in an attempt by men to avoid infection and also from a mistaken belief that intercourse with a virgin can cure them of the virus.

We are suffering with financial crises and not in a position to continue our programmes if it continue for some more time. So that we are looking for funding assistance from the donor agencies and individuals to extend our support to the children through care and support homes.

Our Hope (Proposed Projects)


CRISA  would provide Education, food, shelter, clothing, and health             to the working children, Street Children & Orphan Children.

Access to basic and primary education to the les –privileged Children of the Society (Residential)
To provide job oriented and technical education like ITI, Polytechnic, Computer  courses
Nursing and Para medical courses for girl child (Residential)

To get immediate jobs or to start self employment programs independently.


For the HIV- effected and infected children and their parents by protecting their human rights including right to access health care system, right to education, employment and privacy, and to prevent women and children and other socially vulnerable groups from getting infected. Improving the health education, legal status and economic prospects. Creating awareness on Gender, Human rights, HIV testing, Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Condom promotion, and Counseling.

Cancer Awareness programs, Early detection, for the children and their families.

To establish a Super specialty hospital for the  poor for free treatment with satellite Hospitals in the rural villages with the telemedicine facility.

Mobile clinics for the rural poor where there is no facility of health care (Tribal Areas and remote villages)