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About Us

Abrazar is an intercultural education and language learning project ultimately focused on developing and empowering youth to develop the skills and competencies to become impactful civic and global leaders. The mission of Abrazar is to prepare youth to become multi-lingual leaders and ambassadors of goodwill in and beyond their communities and our vision is to ensure that the youth we serve have opportunities within their own communities to develop the language literacy and cultural competency to fullly participate and thrive in our diverse local and global economy. Through our programs and services we:

Create experiences where youth are encouraged to embrace and learn from the racial, ethnic, cultural and language diversity in their schools, neighborhoods and communities

Provide accessible, community-based opportunities for children and youth to begin to attain the Spanish-language proficiency that is increasingly required to be economically productive and job competitive in our region

Equip our youth with the social and cultural competency to build multi-ethnic and cross-cultural relationships and alliances

Abrazar is the Spanish word for "embrace" and our charge is to give our youth the power of language to embrace the world.