Reaching our children and neighborhoods

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About Us

Rocan is a non profit organization that provides meal, tutoring and mentoring for at-risk children in Little Rock, Arkansas.

It serves closer to 100 children, with no paid staff.

Afternoon is a very dangerous time for unsupervised minors. Research statistics show that the hours between 3:00 - 6:00pm is the peak period for experimentation with cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex and violence. That fact is one of many reasons why the R.O.C.A.N. after School Care Program was created.

The Mission for R.O.C.A.N. is to make a positive impact to influence positive growth in the children and neighborhoods in which we live. To have safe and productive communities through economic growth, strong social development, safe environments and decent living environments for it's citizens.

Leifel Jackson (Founder of Rocan) operates on the principle that in order to heal the child, you must heal the whole family, so he encourages parental involvement. Some of the children are now on the honor roll at their schools due to the efforts of Leifel Jackson and volunteer teachers who work with the children throughout the academic year and during the summer months

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