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New York
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About Us

viBe's mission is to empower underserved teenage girls to write and perform original theater, video and music about the real-life issues they face daily. viBe provides a safe, creative space for New York City girls to express their voices, take on challenge and responsibility and gain the self-confidence to succeed both personally and academically. viBe empowers girls through seven distinct, intensive, free programs, workshops and productions, which engage and inspire young women to create, publish and perform personal and truthful collaborative theater, video and music. Over the past decade, our productions have brought free theater to over 15,000 diverse audience members and changed their perceptions of what young women can achieve.

With the guidance of viBe's staff and teaching artists, girls gain the self-confidence and creative and academic tools to simply "Say It How It Is!" Since our founding, viBe has produced over 70 original shows, 10 albums of empowering music, dozens of printed publications, podcasts and music videos—all written, created and performed by New York City's teenage girls about the urgent issues they face in their homes, schools and neighborhoods. Through listening to viBe's music, cheering on friends in viBe performances, and reading viBe scripts, thousands of young and diverse audience members have re-thought what teenage girls can achieve, what artistic performance is about and whom it is for.

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