Progressive Trade Network

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About Us

The Progressive Trade Network is an alternative to free trade. It is based on the principle that sustainable relationships are an integral part to social justice. We champion fair trade as a real alternative to foriegn aid and international cycles of poverty. Through our touring "Trade Beats Aid" campaign we will raise awareness through music, arts, and friendship. These networking/consumer awareness events are connecting causes together while creating a channel of consumer awareness.

We are currently looking for individuals to participate in setting up the "Trade Beats Aid" Santa Cruz event to be held on August 19 (International Indigenous Rights Day.) We are also interested in joining your projects to those of other organizations or individuals. The bigger the one the greater the power!

  • The momentum behind what we are doing comes from the passion for any cause rooted in altruism. We are a free form network working to connect positive progressive fronts in order to facilitate funding, pool know how, and execute your goals through project collaboration.*