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About Us

Let’s Talk America (LTA) is a national, nonpartisan project that brings everyone to the table -- rank-and-file citizens, civic leaders, the informed or confused, the alienated or idealistic. Linked by an interactive website and fueled by the power of face-to-face, methodically designed conversations, participants explore America’s values, history, problems, and potential. Now in its second year, LTA is broadening the framework for a new national dialogue on American opinions and ideas as a way to explore and challenge the assumptions of current political positioning. Our project brings not only the spirit of America into discourse but the spirit of discourse back to America.

We teach a simple process through telephone trainings and help people find each other through our website tool so they can engage in face to face dialogue. Let’s Talk America reconnects with the ‘town hall’ meeting spirit that’s the lifeblood of our democracy.

LTA asks, What if what unites us is more than we realize...and what divides us is less than we fear? [We are a nonprofit project of the Utne Institute, which is located in Minneapolis.]