Community Empowerment Network Centre Cameroon (CENC-Cam)

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Agyati Bafut
P.O Box 2059 Bafut

About Us

CENC-Cam is a not for profit, Non Governmental, apolitical and a volunteer charity association committed to empowering and networking communities. It was founded in 2009 and legalized in September 2010 with Ref. No 041 /E.29/111/VOL.8/APPB. This association was founded following diverse needs expressed by communities through focal members of this association in the course of rendering services in communities. In order to meet up with the needs of these communities, there was therefore a need for these focal members who happen to be highly involved in the implementation of different projects to create an association that will address some of these needs. This association is committed to “empowering rural and urban communities’ socio economically and enabling the underprivileged to improve on their living conditions”. This association also aims at providing ideal relief and developmental services to destitute orphans, vulnerable children, grassroots widows and women, HIV/A infected persons, other victims of health pandemics, and destitute communities harbouring orphans and widows; with ongoing projects within the North West Region of Cameroon with prospects of extending to other Regions and also going International. CENC-Cam has all the required skills in mounting, implementing and follow up of community projects. Being a young Organisation, it is being headed by a team of dynamic professionals with diverse skills, who have been serving with civil society organizations in Cameroon in different capacities in both International and Local NGOs. Vision CENC-Cam has as Vision “Bringing Communities together and empowering them as well as raising the underprivileged from grass to grace” Mission: CENC-Cam has as mission to “Network and Empower communities socio economically as well as empowering the underprivileged in rural and urban areas”. Aim: CENC-Cam is committed to “empowering communities’ socio economically and enabling the underprivileged to improve on their living conditions”. Strategic Objectives:  To Promote inter community activities through network and partnership building at different levels of the society.  To mobilize communities to be more humanitarian, and more responsible over their lives.  To enhance the economic capacity of the rural poor (mitigate poverty) through the modernization of Njangi activities within groups.  Help reduce the spread of pandemic diseases (e.g HIV&AIDS, Malaria, other STDs etc) and support to victims.  Enhance the capacities of rural communities in monitoring and evaluation of community development projects.  Supporting rural women through, Confidence building, Leadership and communication training practices oriented towards rural development.  To advocate for causes related to gender equality and sustainable management of resources.