Children of Mtaya

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About Us

Children of Mtaya was founded in 2006 by FCPS ESOL specialist Carolyn Kulisheck. While on a visit to Zambia, Kulisheck stopped by the remote village of Mtaya, where she met several residents and orphans afflicted with AIDS. This vibrant community, despite falling prey to the epidemic, motivated Kulisheck to help them. This resulted in a long-term endeavor, now under the umbrella organization, Children of Mtaya. Since then, the organization has facilitated several projects that have led to collective progress in the village of Mtaya as well as in the region of Zambia as well. Children of Mtaya has successfully built a Mtaya Community School, and is currently helping the Mtayans sustain themselves through a sewing group and a crafts group that makes handicrafts to sell in the local and international market.