Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County

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Santa Barbara

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About Us

As Santa Barbara County Democrats, we believe in a society and community based on solidarity and sustainability. We hope for a society and community united by shared values and common purpose. We believe, quite simply that our country does better when everyone does better, and that we need to live in harmony with our environment. These basic principles guide our actions as a political organization, and as a gathering of citizens engaged in community life.

Our aim is to empower, educate and organize citizens and residents of our county. First and foremost, this means mobilizing voters to get to the polls and elect Democrats at all levels of government. However, we know that simply electing Democrats is only a beginning. We must work to hold elected officials accountable to the values and principles of our party, through public advocacy, coalition work, as well as through our endorsement process, which asks candidates seeking our support to pledge to put our shared values into practice.

The Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee is an elected body that organizes the Democratic Party in Santa Barbara County.

For this purpose the Central Committee does the following:

  • recruits, trains, and endorses candidates.
  • raises funds for candidates.
  • charters democratic clubs.
  • sends voting delegates to party conventions.
  • coordinates campaign efforts for candidates and issues.
  • sponsors voter outreach and registration drives.
  • recruits volunteers to support candidates and issues.

The Central Committee is made up of elected representatives from the five county districts and other appointed representatives. The Committee is governed by an executive board according to the Committee's by laws.