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Care for Humanity

- through empowering disadvantaged people, campaigning against the spread of HIV/AIDS and corruption, and promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, human rights and affordable information technology for poorer people. VISION

A world where all people have equal access to the means to provide for their needs. Where society is free of HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases, and where humankind live in balance with the natural environment through sustainable means. A world where cultural and religious harmony upholds universal values of human rights, freedom and rule of law.

Description Ageless International Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that started as a charity in Ghana, founded by Anthony Twumasi Ameyaw in December 1999, registered and certified in July 2001. The principles of sustainability are central to AIF?s operations in that the main areas of work are based around developments that benefit the poorest people of the world and consider a balance between economic, environmental and societal issues.

The organization empowers disadvantaged people especially women and children, campaigns against the spread of HIV/AIDS and corruption, and promotes environmental protection, human rights and affordable information technology for poorer people.

The UK branch of A.I.F. will have a similar remit through promoting sustainable developments in Europe and elsewhere in the world, that benefit the most disadvantaged people in society. All projects undertaken by the charity will balance social, economic and environmental considerations, while providing beneficiaries with the means to be self-sufficient and engage in/contribute to society. Human rights, social equality, religious and political tolerance will be promoted in all the charity?s activities. Projects will vary according to need, but most will generally involve elements of:

Sustainable construction

Education and communication

Social inclusion

Community involvement

Local employment


Information technology

Research and awareness raising

Environmental awareness and conservation AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

1. To assist the less fortunate ones in the society (orphans, deprived children, women and children-victims of war). 2. To help reduce poverty. 3. To educate the upcoming generation about religious and political tolerance. 4. To raise environmental awareness in society. 5. To promote cultural and tourist programs for the youth and interested people around the world. 6. To campaign against the spread of HIV/AIDS, cancer, corruption and promote human rights and administrative justice. 7. Platform for channelling the needs of less developed nations to the rest of the world. 8. To promote Information Technology, Internet Access and Computer Literacy.



The dramatic impact of what is considered to be "a threat to an entire generation" has not abated since the struggle against the disease started some 20 years ago. It has so far affected over 56million people worldwide and caused some 22million deaths including about 4.5million of whom are children. Some 13million orphans according to the United Nations have to be cared for. The magnitude of this challenge has now mobilized a diversity of actors, forces, institutions virtually in every country to tackle what the UN Secretary General Kofi Arthur Annan has described as an unprecedented crisis requiring an unprecedented response. Ghana has not been left out of this, as it is estimated by the Ghana AIDS Commission that 250 people everyday contract the disease. The number of AIDS orphans in Ghana was estimated to rise from the level of 50,000 to 150,000 at the sawn of the new millennium. Besides these predicament facing children in Ghana and Africa, The Tarato Project is replicable. Specifically, the Tarato Project aims to: � Provide advocacy and awareness Creation, Counselling and family re-unification, Promoting physical, emotional and spiritual growth, values and priorities for children both who are victims of circumstance and those on the street. Issues such as homelessness, lack of food, clothing, education and health care, unemployment and other related factors that may require assistance would be addressed and the necessary provisions made within the scope of the project

� Purchase vast acres of land on which the children?s village can be built. � Construct a multi-purpose children?s village that will be the home to many of these homeless, neglected and disadvantaged orphans. � Create a sustainable development that incorporates solutions for social, economic and environmental problems in Ghana. The successful completion of this project will give the Ghanaian disadvantaged child more certain and secure future and give some of the region?s poorest and neglected children a chance at a brighter future. The Cost for the Project Construction as estimated is as follows (In approx. Euro) with exchange rate of 1 Euro = 12,500 cedis: BUDGET SUMMARY

Budgeted Cost up to 5th Apr 2006 561,876 Actual Cost as at 5th Nov 2005 448,368 Variance 113,508 Percentage Application 25%

Miscellaneous Donations: Computers, Clothing, Books etc


Care for Humanity

- through empowering disadvantaged people, campaigning against the spread of HIV/AIDS and corruption, and promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, human rights and affordable information…

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