American Dream Documentary

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About Us

The movie AMERICAN DREAM is a documentary comedy about an everyday man who realizes that his financial success and his accumulation of material things are not making him happy. He decides to sell most of what he owns in order to make a film about the over consumption and lack of sense of purpose that mark today’s vision of success. Through his journey, we will find out what has happened to the American society after the arrival of industrialization, advertisement and mass-consumption.

The film looks at the old ideal of the American Dream, which is based on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and how these values have been perverted into a system based on Work, Debt and the Pursuit of Stuff. We interview socially active celebrities such as Danny Glover and Ed Begley, Jr.; thinkers and historians such as Howard Zinn; authors and scientists, such as David Korten and Dr. Richard Davidson; as well as everyday Americans.