Association of educational & social initiatives in the Negev


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About Us

The Association for Educational & Social Initiatives in the Negev (AESIN) ACTS IN THE Beduin sector in the Negev (in Israel) in the educational, cultral and social fields with the aim of improving the population's life. AESIN was founded in 1999 by a group of academics, whose ambition is to contribute the Beduin community of the Negev and help it to keep its traditions, and simultaneously, get through the modern life. There are 130,000 Beduin approximatly in the Negev- half of them live in Beduin settlements, while the other half live in unrecognized villages. about 60% of the Negev Beduins are under the age of 18. Very few informal educational frames are available in the Beduin villages. AESIN members think of initiating projects that give answers and solutions, even if they partial, for the youth, with the aim of bringing up a young leadership that will act in order to change the situation.