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About Us


The Shpoonkle Pro Bono Portal's mission is to provide a diverse and centralized hub for Pro Bono Organizations to vette pro bono projects to lawyers and law firms of all sizes. The centralized nature of the Portal facilitates access to pro bono work at a national level for attorneys with ease and convenience.


Shpoonkle Pro Bono serves to heighten successful integration of law firms and attorneys in delivering volunteer services in the Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Rights, the Shpoonkle Pro Bono organization augments legal assistance to many of charities most vulnerable groups of clients. Many of these charitable groups are overwhelmed and lacking in resources. Our goal is to facilitate easier online access to varied charitable organizations to legal professionals who want to help them. Shpoonkle Pro Bono services are organized by distinct legal cases/projects posted by participating charities in need and viewed by participating law firms and/or attorneys. The cases originate when a specific nonprofit organization or charity expresses the need to obtain pro bono representation to fulfill critical legal needs of clients in the area of the member lawyers' expertise. A charity or nonprofit establishes a new case/project by posting a case with details about the need and Shpoonkle Pro Bono alerts its attorney members of the case by an automatic notification in their state, area of practice, and/or preferred charity.