2nd Life International Green Tech and Education Project

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About Us

The 2nd Life International Green Technology and Education Project is a movement for change.

The project combines 2 areas of interest. (1) green building and (2) academic learning. 2nd Life brings together the world's leading sustainability educators to develop and implement a standards based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education curriculum focused on the most pressing environmental issues of our time-global warming and the transformation into the wide spread use of renewable energy. The STEM curriculum is universal in scope yet customized to be sensitive to the educational needs of the local project participants.

Furthermore, the project integrates academic learning with hands on investigation of the local bio-region, and the building of a Green Learning Hub, that under the leadership of the 2nd Life Project, the students and local community will help to create. Current participants include Copenhagen school, Denmark, Windhoek school, Namibia Africa, and the San Pedro Science Center, Los Angeles, California.

Through the integration of green building and STEM education, youth around the world will gain the necessary skills to develop the international economy while at the same time reducing energy costs, fighting global warming, and protecting the Earth’s rich natural diversity-the air, water, soil, fauna and flora, and ecosystems. All project participants will have the opportunity to compare data, share lessons, communicate, and integrate learning via the 2nd Life Web Portal online. The portal will be freely available, transparent, visible, and remain non-profit. The sharing of knowledge will result in wide spread environmental awareness.

The project is being considered for introduction at COP15 (Copenhagen, Denmark Dec. 2009).

Supporters include James Benya (2008 GE Edison Award Winner), the Danish Electricity Savings Trust, the Danish Technology Institute, John Zalvaney (2009 Jane Goodall Award Winner for Excellence in Education), Stephan McGuire (2009 Green Dot Visionary Award Winner), and several other key figures in the environmental movement.