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About Us

See Huffington Post story of 10/11.

The International University Center Haiti (“Uni Haiti”) was founded on january 12, 2011 as the nexus in Haiti for U.S. and other global universities and their affiliated students and staff. The Center will provide both a base of operations and a base of knowledge related to the construction of the post-earthquake New Haiti.The Center is designed to serve a wide range of foreign efforts at building or rebuilding higher education institutions and programs to serve Haiti. The Center will serve as the Haitian campuses of foreign universities where visiting faculty may teach one or two courses to Haitian students under the auspices of their home universities. These courses are planned to eventually be sufficiently demanding to earn credit assigned by the home universities.The Center will also welcome visiting foreign faculty teaching under the auspices of Haitian institutions that are trying to reorganize, as well as foreign university faculty recruiting and giving preliminary training to exchange students who will spend 3-4 years getting a BA or BS degree in the U.S. or other foreign countries. In addition, the center will host Haitian faculty who have lost their buildings and who want to reconstitute at least a partial version of their institutions.

Other Center programs will include:

  • Tutoring programs, staffed by foreign students, aimed at remediating inadequate secondary education and preparing Haitians for applications to domestic or foreign colleges and college programs;
  • One or more two-year prep schools aimed at readying Haitian students for college – perhaps taught by former faculty members of damaged or lost Haitian institutions; and
  • Temporary housing and facilities for foreign foundation staff and academics investigating what roles they might be able to play in building/rebuilding Haitian higher education.

Described as ‘Harvard Club meets MASH Unit,’ The Center will open in a gated compound initially with ten tents, each with two bunk beds. Center capacity will begin with forty guests, four to a screened tent with cement floor. Each tent will be replaced in with a concrete bungalow, with all construction built to international code ensuring strength to withstand future earthquakes and hurricanes. The Center will be located in the heart of Léogâne, epicenter of the earthquake, 35 miles southwest of the capital of Port-au-Prince. Léogâne is the gateway to Haiti’s South, including the beautiful cities of Jacmel and Petite Goâve. Depending on traffic, Léogâne is about one hour from the capital’s airport. The University Center will offer airport pick-up by arrangement.

A project of The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation (site).