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About Us

Education and Health Development Trust (EGDT/GCI) is a poverty reduction initiative in First World Africa operated by Africans and African-Americas as an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with its headquarters in the Greater Accra District of Ghana, in West Africa. EHDT is foremost a self-development entity providing education and health services via information and communication technology (ICT). EHDT was organized in December 2000 to facilitate the Kwaja Issifu University Project in Bole, Northern District, Ghana, incorporated on 24 April 2003, and is registered with Ghana’s Registrar-General (Registration #G11,304), Ministry of Education, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare.

In April 2005, EHDT expanded its outreach to found a second not-for-profit organization, registered also in Ghana, Girl-Child International.

The objectives of EHDT/GCI are: 1. To network with African communities, especially Ghana’s impoverished Central, Northern, Upper East, Upper West and Volta Region rural village areas, and create partnerships and liaisons to auspiciously work together to move forward educational and health components for Africa. 2. To assist in capacity building, sustainability and self-help in Basic Schools (Primary, JSS, SSS) and teacher education and health (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B and Malaria) awareness projects among the stakeholders in these communities. 3. To provide an environment conducive for Africans to have opportunities to make better choices as they relate to health and education.

MISSION To bring HIV/AIDS/health education awareness to impoverished rural communities where the National Campaign has not reached due to lack of infrastructure, communications network and resources; and to move forth educational and health components for Africa. This will be done by creating awareness among the people; supporting and rehabilitating the human resources in both areas; providing an environment conducive for Africans to have opportunities to make better choices as they relate to health and education; and to tap the available resources as well as network and build partnerships with new ones. EHDT mobilizes resources and expertise from its own members and administration to contribute action plans in line with poverty reduction, economic development and self-help. Its mission is to work with the support of citizens throughout Ghana, specifically with stakeholders.

Additionally EHDT/GCI provides, specifically, services to strengthen Ghanaian villages; and seeks in general, partnerships and collaborations in other African countries, the United States of America, Europe and Asia.


Educational Component ·To organize professional development opportunities and educational programs as well as computer literacy training, ICT and access to the Internet’s Information Highway, especially in the rural village and deprived areas of Ghana.

·To organize exchanges for Ghanaian/American teachers.

·To organize, by providing assistance to the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Training Programme and to assist in the Primary Education Project/New Focus in Accra and rural schools presently not being served by USAID, IFESH and other NGOs due to their remoteness or urban locations which make them difficult to reach (rural schools) or easy to overlook (urban Accra schools) as well as ranking in the lower percentile of Teaching and Learning Materials, Appreciative Inquiry and Lesson Notes Planning usage in line with the recommendations of the Education Reform Review Committee; additionally to assist at teacher training colleges (and their practice/demonstration, nearby and cohort schools) that do not qualify for assistance from USAID/other NGOs due to geographical, financial and logistical constraints.

Health Component ·To focus attention, via education, to good public health practices, individual, institutional and community-wide ·To undertake projects aimed at public health awareness and the prevention of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and Hepatitis B ·To organize exchanges for Ghanaian/foreign doctors/health care professionals ·To educate and foster awareness among the people about these (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and Hepatitis) epidemics and fostering good public health ·To proactively put in place preventative strategies and programs ·To identify support and referral services for HIV/AIDS individuals and families

Village Support Services ·Business Centre ·Basic Education/Literacy/ICTs ·Consulting ·Grant Writing, Administration and Contingency ·Information and Communication Technology ·Internet Café Facilities ·Networking and Partnerships ·Project Management ·Referrals ·Training

EHDT/GCI involve people from a myriad of sectors, including: 1.Women, girls, youth and adults in all 110 Ghanaian districts, with special focus on the rural village and deprived areas of the country (Central, Northern, Upper East, Upper West and Volta regions specifically) 2.Traditional Rulers of the Districts 3.CBOs inside and outside of Ghana and her Districts 4.Other supportive Development Partners 5.EHDT/GCI staff and volunteers 6.District Assemblies, governmental and educational and health organizations in Ghana