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About Us

We at Daily Appreciations would like to invite you to join us in uplifting the local and global communities by expressing appreciations for what gives us life on a daily basis.

To post, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Daily Appreciations.

By natural law, the law of attraction, whatever we appreciate with feeling comes closer to us in greater quantity and quality. Daily appreciations are a great way to empower others while empowering ourselves. They make people happy about doing things for us. It's a perfect win/win opportunity.

Have you noticed how much more enjoyable it is to do things for people when you are being appreciated? It's like someone's put gas in your car.

Have you noticed that you feel happier when you shift your focus to what it is you appreciate about someone instead of what irritates or upsets you?

Have you noticed that every downside has an upside? There's always learning and growth in unpleasant experiences, for example. There's a development of resonance with others and a birthing of new abilities that may have previously seemed impossible.

Have you noticed that solutions are more readily available to you when you're in a spirit of appreciation; that things fall into focus; that problems disappear; that people become more cooperative, for the most part?

Would you like to see what it's like to interact regularly with those who look for the best in you? If you've had that experience, do you notice how your positive qualities seem to grow exponentially, and that your world now looks somehow different; brighter, kinder, and that others' positive qualities seem to come out of hiding and into view in a way that makes being appreciated seem infectious, in a way?

Have you wondered what it would be like to build organizations with people who are quite practiced at appreciating; in fact, are committed to it? Do you think that might make it easier for you to accomplish your goals and to be of more effective service to the planet and its inhabitants?

These are some of the things we've noticed, and we like it. In fact, we believe appreciating what brings us life can bring peace and well-being to the planet if enough of us join in the fun. And we believe enough people will.

So we offer this space to you with a knowing smile welling up from deep inside, fully aware of the great good that happens spontaneously when people join in to appreciate almost anything.

We believe the planet is undergoing a massive transformation for the better and that we are in the flow of it and that you can be too just by shifting your focus to what's going well.

Special acknowledgments to Dwan (Diane) Tai for originating the Daily Appreciations thread at www.omidyar.net and www.dailyappreciations.net from which this is inspired, to Elizabeth Garcia-Gray for contributing the name, Daily Appreciations for use, and for all the appreciators at those threads mentioned for providing the momentum for this project.

With appreciation for your readership, meadowlea