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New Jersey needs an Independent Governor.

The gubernatorial primary election stage now seems to be set in both parties, but before New Jersey voters fall into election season complacency, they should re-examine what they have gotten for their votes in the past.

We now know that Wall Street wizardry is unable to solve New Jersey’s pressing problems, let alone those of the nation’s finances. And, despite recent editorial opinion, corruption among public officials is not the major problem facing us; in fact, the overwhelming majority of public officials are honest, hard-working people.

The real problem in New Jersey is that the public sector – at the local, county and state levels – has been living beyond its means, fueled by bad budgetary and fiscal policies of both major parties.

New Jersey is facing an unprecedented and perilous crisis of government that arose well before the national financial meltdown. The root cause is the inability or unwillingness of both Democratic and Republican elected officials to make the politically difficult decisions necessary to fix the problems.

Time and again, candidates run campaigns on slogans of change, promising to create jobs, cut taxes, balance the budget, reduce borrowing, cut costs, provide affordable housing, and on and on. But when the votes are counted and governing begins, the winners are pulled by party ideology and loyalty, swayed by special interests, or driven by the desire to be re-elected.

As a result, voters have become more and more disenchanted and cynical about government and the prospects for real change and real solutions.

We can and must do better!

It’s time for New Jersey to have a truly independent governor!

That is why we are supporting Chris Daggett for Governor.

We have created this Meetup Group to organize independently minded people who feel that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have done a very good job of representing their interests in Trenton.

This group is for those who feel like they have been forced to choose the lesser of two evils time and time again because they haven't had a viable alternative.

This time we do have a truly independent alternative.

Join our group to support Chris Daggett.