About Us

GENIDEA, which was founded in the 26th day of January in 2006, is a group of young people coming from Denizli and now attending universities in Ankara, Istanbul and Denizli. Before founding Genidea, we had worked for different NGO’s so we have had different experiences so far. Since we realized that young people from Denizli don’t have enough facilities to use their potentials internationally, we felt the necessity of coming together for new projects.We hope that these projects will make the young people from Denizli participate in the international platform. As a result of our observations and researches, we saw that there is a considerable lack of knowledge about Turkey both in Europe and in the rest of the world. So, by using our local potential we want to make the members of European Union and the other countries know Turkey better. We know that Turkey is a really powerful partner for the other countries with its rich heritage in culture and in history. Furthermore, due to its geograpy, Turkey holds a great potential to be a bridge between the east and the west. Turkey is also a peaceful country with its mozaic of nationalities, religions and languages. These are really important charecteristics for a country which is a future member of European Union. We realized that because of economic problems and lack of knowledge, our friends from Denizli rarely have the facilities to make their voices heard. So, we want to come together with these silent part of local youth coming from Denizli, our aim is to make our young friends to get in conversation internationally in open and active discussions. We are very interested in human rights, intercultural dialogue and democracy, so we also want to make projects about these subjects. Our members will have a global view of thinking thanks to meeting other succesful young people from different cultures. Our actual aim is to support the social and cultural developments of our members. As being Genidea, we want to take part in the conferences about youth education also make projects with the yooung people having various nationalities, languages and religions to enrich our cultural and social life. In addition we are sure that sharing our experiences with our friends will develop not only our own social life but also the social lives of people around us. And we want to show that tolerance for the variety of national, religious, economical, sociological identities is so important to live in peace. Moreover, we are aware of the importance for being a team. VISION: Our vision is to create a common sense and peace all over the world by providing cultural dialogue and cooperation. MISSION: Our mission is to breake down prejudices against Turkey and Turkish Youth by representing at home and abroad; to get the world vision by getting in touch with other Cultures in the World with our local friends.